An antidote that arrives to you at home - Casa Agrícola - Pepe Mendoza Official
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An antidote that arrives to you at home

It all started in March, a small proposal to be with you, overcoming these difficult times. Eager to overcome the barriers while it was possible, the pack of Artisan Wines was put on offer in order to continue tasting the wines of Casa Agrícola.

Feeding souls from the pantry.

Whatever it takes, every day you will seek out inspiration, #nosquedemosencasa.  #westayathome was our drive to not let things die down, in agriculture, you don’t have much choice.

It arrived with the new vintage, the desire to share and have you participate with the arrival of the new vintage that would soon be made available.

More than a fear of not losing habits, there was a belief then, that is still true today; A wine made of Moscatel, Macabeo and Airén at the time of the aperitivo or at lunchtime,  bring enjoyment at the table.