Hallo Sommer! - Casa Agrícola - Pepe Mendoza Official
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Hallo Sommer!

¡Oh Sommerwein News!

Wines with character from Casa Agrícola begin their journey onwards to germany.

Ein Charaktervoller Ein Charaktervoller Weißwein von Pepe Mendoza

Wein aus Spanien. Von der weltweit bekannten Bodega bis hin zum Newcomer-Winzer – tauchen Sie online ein in die Welt des Weines!

Willkommen Sommer. Danke!

To start summer in this manner, it’s a pleasure.

A new collaboration has opened in Germany with a fervent advocate for wines from Alicante. Despite the current experience and commercial challenges, we have managed to work with the team at Wein & Vinos, true specialists fo wines from Spain in Germany, who have placed their bets with the new vintage of Casa Agrícola. This is another point of entry for us, very valuable indeed for the current times. Genießen.