The small productions, big pleasures - Casa Agrícola - Pepe Mendoza Official
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The small productions, big pleasures

The intimate and creative space of Pepe as winemaker; Las Pequeñas Producciones are the small productions that enable to us discover the vinous soul of its creator. Unique paths of expressions explored for a selected varieties, where the sensibility of Pepe Mendoza, finds its realm of full expression.

Orange wine
Orange Live Stream Simon Woolf
Unique Explorations to be discovered

Being series of wines always produced in limited quantities, the Small Productions are real opportunities that open up to expressions out of the ordinary and often vinified in a way that could remind you of wines of yesteryear.

Expressions of the Vinos Brisados, Orange Wines

Beyond the fashions, the Vinos Brisados or also known as Orange, return and will continue attract attention.  It’s an attraction that exists towards the philosophy of making wines of minimal intervention and generally in the scope of wines with a kinder approach to the environment.

Sometimes surprises are reciprocate

So, when we got in touch with Simon Woolf so that he could taste some samples of the amphora wines. Being himself the most celebrated advocate of the amber wine revival, apart from the Georgians themselves, we believe that we were mutually excited from this happy wine meeting:

‘So what a surprise to discover this absolute stonker of a wine. It grabs the attention immediately, with intense neroli and orange peel aromas, gorgeously expressive’

This meeting was so exciting that we programmed a brief live session on his Orange Live Stream to be able to answer questions that he was still asking himself. Thanks Simon!

The session is recoverable using this link.