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Published on: News

New horizon charted for 2021

Winemaker Pepe Mendoza looks back on achievements and charts a new course independently for Casa Agrícola and Uva Destino.

I welcome the new year 2021 being reflexive and emotive for the new challenges on a new horizon that is well under way.

As I review the more than satisfactory trajectory at Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, I wish to share with you that after 28 years directing Viticulture and Enology at the Family Estate, the time has come to close a chapter and start a new phase independently.

You will find me with the same smile and the same eagerness, focused on Casa Agrícola and the creation of Uva Destino, a consultancy project for vineyards that strive to express themselves.

Pepe and the Elders

Looking back and under my guidance, wines like Santa Rosa have seen the light, as I could foresee the potential of vineyards like the Estrecho and Las Quebradas, that we saved from being grubbed up and recuperated.

I wish to thank the fearless and resilient persons who accompanied me during these vintages, without forgetting the teams that I mentored. To those who entrusted and believed in me, my utmost gratitude, without whom most achievements that have come to fruition, wouldn’t have been possible.

I am trapped by artisan wines made at a human scale, charged by native varieties and dry farming. Going forward, all my efforts will be placed into Casa Agrícola and wine of minimal intervention that need my maximum attention.

In complement, I am launching Uva Destino as a consulting project, where we will strive for expressing the maximum potential and brilliance out of vineyards, those that want to give it their all, and have not yet done so.

If we have been able to produce fresh, fine, elegant and balanced wines in an area of maximum heat, roughness and complexity; this has to be transmitted and we can help other vineyards to express their full potential.

As you can see, we start 2021 full of passion, work, projects and enthusiasm. I can ask for little more, but lots of health … the same health that I sincerely wish to you all.

Faithfully yours, Pepe