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The remarkable wines of Pepe Mendoza, one of the stars of the Alicante region

Tim Atkin, Spanish wine specialist reviews the wines of  Pepe Mendoza from Casa Agrícola.

“From the region’s most exciting producer, Pepe Mendoza.”, The wines from Coastal Alicante reveal themselves.

It hardly seems believable, yet 6 months into confinement, the magic touch of PUREZA and the Coastal Terroir of Alicante, finally meet in London with Tim Atkin MW, one of Spain’s most knowledgeable wine expert abroad.

It was not until the Alicante Appellation mobilized its efforts to arrange for samples to be expedited to London, that Tim was able to capture for the first time, a complete picture of what the Alicante region has now to offer. 

La Marina Alta, Coastal Wines of Alicante

Pureza Moscatel is testimonial to wines that have recuperated the ancient tradition of Vins Brisats, skin-contact wines, and yet bring forward a packful of energy and character surprisingly from old Moscatel Vines.

With a marked marine influence – the source of this stunning, amphora fermented and aged, old-vine Moscatel de Alejandría from the region’s most exciting producer, Pepe Mendoza. Fresh, tangy and salty, with mouthwatering acidity, flavours of pear, citrus and orange water, amazing focus and some grip from partial skin contact.
Tim Atkin, November 2020 Tasting

Pureza Moscatel Casa Agricola scored by Tim Atkin
Energy and creativity to the region of Alicante.

Casa Agrícola, the winery project that manifests Pepe Mendoza’s creativity, has become the new energy that was needed in the Spanish Mediterranean Levant.

It is undeniable that Tim Atkin through his wine tasting session captures the idea of Pepe’s winemaking but also the present path of where wines from Alicante are increasingly showing.
Tim Atkin’s notes and scores for the tasting of Pepe Mendoza are published here.

El Veneno Monastrell

Tim Atkin

El Veneno

The strong character of the bush vine vineyard that supplied it, this pure Monastrell is fresh, bright and intense.

Tim Atkin

Pureza Moscatel

Coastal Alicante – with a marked marine influence – is the source of this stunning, amphora fermented and aged, old-vine Moscatel de Alejandría

Giro de Abargues

Tim Atkin

Giró de Abargues

This is part of a brilliant range from the ever-creative Pepe Mendoza, wonderful combination of freshness and presence.