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The Small Productions
from Pepe Mendoza – Casa Agrícola

A space for creativity with purpose.
In just 5 years, the ban has been opened to us, to cultivate the creative potential to transmit the territory. These wines are made on a human scale, unique expressions of the Mediterranean that surrounds us inspired by the sensations of a place, of moments lived season after season.

Alto Vinalopó/La Marina Alta - Mares de Luz

Monastrell de Alto Vinalopó en la finca de El Veneno, localizado entre Sierra Salinas y Pinoso.

Marina Alta - Giró/Gironet de Abargues

La variedad Giró, viñedo de Finca de Abargues, en el pla de Lliber, vinos naturales, uno con ánfora (tinajas) y otro en su forma más natural, al límite de mínimos de sulfuroso.

Marina Alta - Vinos Brisados Moscatel

Blanc Brisats, recuperar una tradición a la vez que redescubrir esencia de La variedad Moscatel desde viñedo Abargues, en el pla de Lliber.




Las Pequeñas Producciones

Small vintages made unique

Wines now available to buy at La Despensa >>>

Gironet Nat  –  Giró (Gironet)

Natural Gironet (Giró)

The Finca Abargues Wine made with Giró, taking advantage of the Gironet grape clone, a pure expression of delicacy and freshness, made with minimal intervention and strictly low added sulfites.

Añada Disponible

Pack Pequeñas Producciones
– Gironet Nat
– Giró (Gironet)
– D.O. Alicante Marina Alta

Gironet Nat
Mares de Luz Monastrell Giró

Mares de Luz –  Monastrell/ Giró

Coupaje Monastrell-Giró

A coupage of a wonderful Mediterranean, between the spice of Monastrell and the rich fruit of Giró. Complex on the palate with soft tannins and a long finish.

Añada Disponible

Pack Pequeñas Producciones
– Mares de Luz Coupage
– Monastrell/ Giró
– D.O. Alicante Vinalopó-Marina Alta


Giró-Gironet Ánfora Velo Flor

Giró-Gironet – 100% Marina Alta

The delicacy of a fresh Mediterranean red, fermented and aged in padilla jars with velo flor. A natural low sulfur wine based on the 2 clones of the Giró variety in the Abargues plot.
Beautiful notes of lavender, pine, rockrose, freshly tilled earth, fresh and with a delicate tannins build up.

Añada Disponible

Giró-Gironet Velo Flor
– Vino Tinto de parcela
– Giró-Gironet Tinajas
– D.O. Alicante La Marina Alta

Giro Gironet Velo Flor

Blanc Brisat –  Moscatel “La Solana”

Coupaje Monastrell-Giró

Small productions; They allow you to discover the winemaking soul of its producer, as well as unique and unexplored expressions with selected varieties.
Discovering Blanc Brisat 2018, is to rediscover the Moscatel, more gastronomic, a wine macerated on skins and aged in the mythical jars from Padilla ceramist.

Añada Disponible

Pack Descubrimiento
– Blanc Brisat Ánfora
– Moscatel ‘La solana’ Skin Contact
– D.O. Alicante Marina Alta