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Estate Wines – Casa Agrícola

Wine of great origin, strength and purity. It commemorates the old ‘Brisats’ whites that were made in our area, which are now called ‘Orange’ or ‘skin contact’, better known as brisados whites.

Pla de Lliber - Pureza Moscatel

Moscatel de Abargues, Pla de Lliber and Benimei. Coastal Lands of Marina Alta.
Maceration and vinification of Moscatel in amphorae (jars) by Juan Padilla

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Ánfora Moscatel seco Pureza

Pureza – 100% Moscatel Ánfora

Moscatel 100% – Marina Alta

Pureza dry moscatel vinified and aged in amphorae, a white wine with nerve, a great volume in the mouth and freshness with minerality and salinity, which invites another glass.

Incredible aromatic purity, of white fruits, flowers, mineral with fantastic aromas of orange peel and rose petals.

Descarga Ficha Técnica

Pureza 2019
– Vino Blanco Brisat Ánfora
– 100%  Moscatel
– D.O. Alicante Marina Alta