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Vino de Terroir – Casa Agrícola

Pureza Ánfora Moscatel. Wine of great origin, power and purity. It follows the path of the ancient style of macerating the white must on the skins. In the Levante area they are called ‘Brisats’ and currently they are also known as Amber or Orange wines. The ageing takes place in clay jars produced by Maestro Juan Padilla.

Pureza Moscatel - Pla de Lliber

Moscatel de Abargues, Pla de Lliber and Benimei. Tierras de la Marina.
Maceration and ageing in ánforas (clay jars) by Maestro Juan Padilla

Pureza 2022c

Technical Sheets in PDF available

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Pureza 2022


Moscatel 100% – Marina Alta

Pureza Moscatel produced and aged in ánforas. A vibrant white wine with a great volumen in the palate, fresh and full of minerality and saline. It invites you to keep on enjoying it. Aromas of rose petals, orange peel and white flowers.

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Pureza 2022
– Skin-contact white wine
– Moscatel 100% 
– D.O. Alicante