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Harvest is coming

Harvest time is that moment of the year that we look forward to with great passion and also eagerly. Passion because grapes are our life, yearning because since May we have dedicated ourselves body and soul to guiding them in their passage through life: taking care of them, protecting them from possible diseases, helping them grow. All this work is oriented to these dates in which we find ourselves going around our vineyards and little by little, one bunch at a time, one vine at a time, clipping the bunches that Mother Earth gives us. We always look for grapes that are capable of providing the wines we want to make.

Difficulties are always many and varied, climate being the most important of all. This year we have had heat and very little rain, with peaks of high temperatures in the first part of August. The plants withstood the heat well based on that previous work: plants with a light load that were capable of feeding the grapes that were born from their arms. Thanks to this we have been able to carry out a harvest that in terms of quality has filled us with satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the volume of grapes has not kept up with other years, but what we obtained from our autochthonous varieties will produce wines that will delight us all. This is always what we are looking for: honest wines made with the minimum possible intervention, representative of their area of ​​origin, wines that offer a little of our Alicante land, our fields, our vineyards and mountains, our Mediterranean aromas that are enjoyed wherever they may travel. If we achieve that, we will have succeed in our job.

In the photos accompanying these words you can see healthy, strong and delicate Monastrell grains destined to fill the glasses of El Veneno 2021.