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Vinos de Paisaje – Casa Agrícola

Expression from the duality of the territory of the D.O Alicante, with vineyards at altitude coupled with terroirs lying in front of the coastline. Landscape wines manage to express the fusion of varieties from the whole of the territory of Alicante and its subregions.

Red Wine - Casa Agrícola - Monastrell Blend

The landscape wines in search of freshness with native varieties. Blending of Monastrell and Alicante Bouschet from Alto Vinalopó highlands together with Giró from Marina Alta. We achieve a wine with the essence of the Mediterranean mountain with freshness and pleasant on the palate.

Dry White - Casa Agrícola - Moscatel Blend

The landscape wine in search of freshness with native varieties. Composition based on the Muscat of the Marina Alta, Airén and Macaebo de Benimei and Serra Forta. We achieve a characteristic wine of the Mediterranean mountain, a touch of saltiness, very balanced, where freshness predominates on the palate.

Vinos de Paisaje Casa Agrícola - fichas tecnicas

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Casa Agrícola Paisajes Blanco

Paisaje Blanco Casa Agrícola

Moscatel 40%, Macabeo 40%, Airén 20% Blend.

Representation of two prominent terroirs of Alicante, the highlands of Vinalopó de Macabeo and Airen, and the Tierras Marinas with its Muscat of Alexandria.

Striking freshness in the mouth with good acidity and tannins, appeals to Mediterranean infusions with a balance that makes it a very versatile wine when it comes to consuming.

Descarga Ficha Técnica

Paisaje Blanco 2019
– Vino Blanco Seco
– Coupaje Moscatel, Airén, Macabeo
– D.O. Alicante


Paisaje Tinto Casa Agrícola

70% Monastrell, 27% Giró, Alicante Bouschet 3% Blend.

Representation of two prominent terroirs of Alicante, the highlands of Vinalopó with its Monastrell and Alicante Bouschet, and the Marine coastal eares with its Giró from Finca de Abargues.

Full explosion of the Mediterranean mountains and mountains, aromas of Bouquet garnit, pine, rosemary, rosemary flower, orange peel. Full Mediterranean freshness balanced and ample on the palate.

Descarga Ficha Técnica

Paisaje Tinto 2019
– Vino Tinto de Paisaje
– Coupaje Monastrell, Giró, Alicante Bouschet
– D.O. Alicante

Casa Agrícola Tinto 2019 Monastrell