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Fierroca 2020

Fierroca. Wonderful Mediterranean wine with a long life ahead.


Fierroca is our first Grand Cru, that vineyard, that place with that orientation that makes it unique and unrepeatable. It owes its name to the character of our soils, loaded with Iron and Rock. That’s where its name comes from: Fierroca.


Variety: Giró 100%

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Within our Abargues estate, we subdivide our plots into a multitude of microvinifications with the interest of learning and seeing how each one behaves. The highest area of the estate is made up of three small elongated terraces that give us wines with fewer anthocyanins but with more character, tannin and strength, which is why we decided to age it separately and see its evolution. The result was so original and special that we decided to bottle it separately.

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