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Gironet + Nat 2020

Hola familia!!   Josep Roca (@joseppituroca) has chosen Pepe Mendoza’s Gironet + Nat 2020 wine to accompany the main course of #GastronomíaSostenible this May.     A very special product that values ​​memory, history and the past.     We are delighted to have obtained

Robert Parker’s new ratings

Hola familia!! In the Wine Advocate issue for the month of April, Robert Parker has published the ratings of the wines from the Mediterranean and central Spain. All our wines have obtained a minimum of 91 points. Below we detail some of them: Our Fierroca

What is winter pruning?

The vines are like us: they work very hard for much of the year and when they have produced the grapes, their rest period arrives. After the harvest we have to wait for the plants’ vegetative cycle to end in autumn. Slowly the sap returns