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Robert Parker’s new ratings

Hola familia!!

In the Wine Advocate issue for the month of April, Robert Parker has published the ratings of the wines from the Mediterranean and central Spain. All our wines have obtained a minimum of 91 points. Below we detail some of them:

Our Fierroca has been selected as the best wine from the Valencian Community with 97 points. It is a wine made with the Monastrell variety and will be released for the first time on the market around the month of October this year.

On the other hand, El Veneno stands out as the highest-scoring barrel-aged Monastrell in Alicante with 95+ points.

The Giró de Abargues has obtained 94+ points, a wonderful wine made with a traditional grape from Alicante and of which we do not produce more than 6,500 bottles per vintage.

Pureza Ánfora has obtained 93 points. It is a wine made with the Moscatel variety that undergoes its entire winemaking in amphorae made by master Juan Padilla.

In the attached list you can see all the scores of our wines.

We continue with greater enthusiasm if possible. This is a great accolade for our small project and our vineyards, which are very happy to like it so much.

Luis Gutiérrez dixit: “What people like Mustiguillo, Pepe Mendoza, Celler del Roure and Casa Castillo have done for the Mediterranean is priceless. As the famous song by Joan Manuel Serrat says, they sing it at the top of their lungs: I was born in the Mediterranean I am very proud of all of them.”

Born again Mendoza. “The one and only.”

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