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Vinos de Terroir – Casa Agrícola

Terroir D.O Alicante. A landscape with a duality between the upper part of the country and the marine lands of the coast. Our Terroir Wines seek to express the best of each landscape.

Fierroca - Marina Alta

Fierroca is our first Grand Cru, that vineyard, that place with that orientation that makes it unique and unrepeatable. It owes its name to the character of our soils, loaded with Iron and Rock. That’s where its name comes from: Fierroca.

El Veneno - Alto Vinalopó

Monastrell from El Veneno vineyard, in Alto Vinalopó, located between Sierra Salinas and Pinoso. This wine shows the power and drive of calcareous soils and also an extreme Mediterranean character.

Giró de Abargues - Marina Alta

The Giró variety from the Finca de Abargues vineyard in Pla de Lliber. Ethereal wine, from iron-clay sandy soils, where the sea helps us to have subtlety and elegance, as it attenuates the stress of the plants.

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Giró 100% – Marina Alta

Within our Abargues estate, we subdivide our plots into a multitude of microvinifications with the interest of learning and seeing how each one behaves.

The highest area of the estate is made up of three small elongated terraces that give us wines with fewer anthocyanins but with more character, tannin and strength, which is why we decided to age it separately and see its evolution. The result was so original and special that we decided to bottle it separately.

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Fierroca 2020
– Red wine
– Giro 100%
– D.O. Alicante


El Veneno

Monastrell 100% – Alto Vinalopó

Monastrell coming from sandy-calcareous soils. Deep wine made using 30% of the stems. Wine of great balance where the aromas of lavender, flowering rosemary, eucalyptus and balsamic predominate.

On the palate it is a very pleasant wine with a lot of fine and delicate tannins. Its 12-month aging in 500-liter French oak barrels accompanies the wine, gives it complexity and elegance.

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El Veneno 2020
– Red Wine
– Monastrell 100%
– D.O. Alicante


Giró de Abargues

Giró 100% – La Marina Alta

Floral, etheral, delicate wine with lavender and rosemary, eucaliptus and balsamic aromas. Beautiful expression of mountain scrubland, wet earth, Monte Umbrio.

The wine spent 12 months in 500-liter French oak barrels for fining the wine making it more rounded. We use the oak as a mean for ageing and micro-oxygenation and not for conveying an aromatic body. Fressnesh and fruit is what we are aiming to.

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Giró de Abargues 2020
– Red Wine
– Giró 100%
– D.O. Alicante